Disease of Fear and Lies

Fear based public health kills. This phenomenon occurred in nursing homes across the western world. Long term care residents die of thirst and malnutrition, labeled Covid deaths.

John Gibson, Professor of Economics, teaches at the University of Waikato. He previously taught at the University of Canterbury and Williams College, was a research visitor at the Centre for the Study of African Economies, University of Oxford and is an Associate Researcher at the LICOS Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance at KU Leuven. He received his PhD from Stanford University and has since worked around the world in countries like Cambodia, China, India, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Thailand, Tonga, Vanuatu, and Vietnam. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand and a Distinguished Fellow of the New Zealand Association of Economists and of the Australasian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society.

Professor Gibson wrote this excellent article on the futility and harm of “lockdown” as a public health intervention of any merit. Which of course, as everyone knows, it is not. The best cherry pick from Lockdown Again, though there are many, is probably this:

  • Contrary to fear mongering, Delta variant is less lethal than earlier variants.
    Becoming more infectious is not the same as becoming more lethal. It is usually the opposite as anyone who studied Virology 101 knows. Delta is no exception. Neither will the pre-named future variants of Sigma, Lambda, Mu et al, be. Stop fearing the variants.

Responding to fear mongering is becoming a permanent feature for those working in the arena of infectious diseases who have not yet been entirely captured by our global powerbrokers and their meteoric rise. On 8 September 2021 the Australian and New Zealand Paediatric Infectious Disease Group (ANZPID) issued a statement in response to fears from media reports of hundreds of Australian children “hospitalised with Delta”. Many of these hospitalisations were for social reasons, particularly ill parents unable to care for children, so hospitalisation statistics do not provide a good marker of severity. Although one death was recorded, the child in question was a 15yo boy being treated for bacterial meningitis.

Similar position statements have been announced elsewhere, for example the UK in June 2021 following dishonest reports of paediatric wards being overwhelmed:

UCSF Epidemiologist Professor Vinay Prasad speaks out for children at great personal expense. He is constantly attacked and vilified by those with no logic or analysis.

The health of children across the globe is threatened in irreparable ways by the harm of this mainstream consensus narrative of fear mongering which serves to maintain support for lockdown policies. Childhood vaccination programs are halted; Measles and other outbreaks are being reported; nutrition programs are halted; famine is establishing itself across the world; schooling is halted except for the tiny minority with access to internet and computers; levels of child abuse and human trafficking are high whilst reports and protective services are halted; treatments for other conditions are halted. All in the name of “public health”!

Lockdown policy is a crime against humanity. Eventually everyone will claim to have never supported it. Much as the whole of German society was innocent to any wrongdoing once 1945 rolled around.

An International Covid Summit was held from 12 to 14 September in Rome, Italy, recordings of which should be available soon. “We brought the A Team of physicians and medical scientists from around the world together. We all see what’s going on. And we’re in this pivotal moment within society right now, a kind of 1776 moment of ‘this is time to fight for the patients and for freedom’. Let doctors be doctors. Let scientists be scientists. Not be beholden to big systems that are costing patients their lives by witholding safe, effective, early treatments.” ~ Dr Ryan Cole

Meanwhile the Gates Foundation plan to reach “the final solution“, to vaccinate the whole globe with what are showing themselves to be less than effective, less than safe substances, marches on unimpeded as most remain erroneously convinced that their children are at risk. Eventually those hurling ad hominem around regarding the characters of those speaking out against this, whilst supporting Big Power, will claim they never knew. Now is your time to “know”.

Karen Harradine’s four part article about the global power of Bill Gates in The Conservative Woman

Question Everything

Lockdowns: Is now the time for a better solution? A live broadcast with a range of leading independent experts being held in London on 17 July 2021 at 9am GMT will provide a critical analysis of the pandemic response.

A most informative documentary on the influence of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in public health, and the outcomes of that influence which we are all living through now, is the Plandemic: Indoctornation series. Described as “the most seen and censored documentary of all time“.

Echoes of Mengele

Claire Deeks, New Zealand lawyer and spokesperson of Voices for Freedom in New Zealand, interviewed Dr Reiner Fuellmich three weeks ago. Among many points of relevance Fuellmich discusses the takeover of mainstream media which has occurred over the twelve years since 2009 when the last pandemic swindle was halted in time. He says that had this takeover not happened, neither would the Covid pandemic have occurred in the way that it has. He discusses three points of contention being argued in the international class action law suit his team are coordinating, which also receives exactly zero mainstream media mentions:

  • How dangerous is this virus?
  • How dangerous are the anti-Covid measures?
  • How reliable are the PCR tests?

Suicide rates are sky rocketing globally as a direct result of the anti-Covid measures being enforced. Our tiny NGO working in one small Cambodian community are experiencing this fact at a rate never seen as people already impoverished are pushed into depths of despair. As dawn broke on the Mekong yesterday the malnourished corpse of a homeless father of two very young children I know was found hanging from a tree. In the video footage shared to me by my local colleague, the “Covid ambulance” arrived and hazmatted heroes swabbed his nose before the body could be released to his family. Had a positive result been forthcoming he would have been added to the nation’s Covid death numbers. That’s how we roll in “new normal” and asking questions or raising doubt is an outrage and a crime.

Fuellmich discusses the “panic paper” which was leaked in Germany, in which a government department explicitly calls for “making children feel responsible for the tortured deaths of their parents and grandparents because they didn’t wash their hands or wear their masks“. This is the exact opposite of the most basic tenet of Public Health, being to keep society calm and functioning in the face of infectious disease threats. Fuellmich refers to the panic paper as “Dr Mengele speaking“.

With regards to the takeover of our academic and media institutions, Wikipedia describes Rhodes Scholar Devi Sridhar as an Indian American public health researcher, who holds the Chair of Global Public Health at the University of Edinburgh. Her research considers the effectiveness of public health interventions and how to improve developmental assistance for health. Her background is Anthropology. She is a “pandemic expert” who speaks to BBC television regularly, on masking, lockdowns, vaccinations and other political recommendations for virus control. She has authored two books, ironically on the theme of “battling hunger”. Something that has risen exponentially as a direct result of the lockdown policies which she promotes vigorously with zero evidence.

Sridhar recently featured in a BBC promotional video talking about the safety and benefits of Covid-19 vaccines for children. HART Group, a collaboration of experienced clinicians and public health experts whose philosophy is in direct opposition to Sridhar’s, but which receives zero mainstream attention, produced a response to the video expressing the rationale for their concerns about childhood experimental vaccination now being rolled out.

The University of Edinburgh, where Sridhar holds an influential position, is beneficiary of US$41m from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. BBC’s Media Action are beneficiary of at least $51m from B&MGF. The chances that these people and institutions are in any way, shape or form, independent and impartial seem unlikely given this massive conflict of interest.

In the UK mask mandates remain in place causing conflict on a daily basis between what has become known in some circles as “Team Panic” (pro-masking) and “Team Reality” (pro-evidence). This weekend England’s annual Royal Ascot horse race, attended by our world elites, many of whom (Prince Charles in particular) are closely associated with Gates and the World Economic Forum, looked like this. Perhaps hats and crowds really are as effective as masks and social distancing? Perhaps Team Mengele know it?

Background to New Normal

Eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global reopening up. ~ Bill Gates

Bill Gates is an influential spokesman on matters of public health, particularly in today’s pandemic. He studied Maths and Computer Sciences at Harvard but dropped out after two years. His authority comes from enormous investments in health programs, vaccines, therapeutics and innovations. He openly promotes the idea of eliminating Covid-19. This is as possible as it would be to eliminate any other widely circulating, endemic respiratory virus. It’s not. Meanwhile the manic destruction of societal health across the globe in favour of disproportionate focus on Covid-19 which causes disease in a very specific subset of certain populations, and contributes a negligible amount of years of life lost compared to many other diseases now being neglected, is leading to cataclysmic consequences.

Gates argues against all pre-2020 pandemic recommendations, in favour of lockdowns and allegedly unavoidable economic destruction through social isolation, ongoing testing using a non-diagnostic tool, quarantines, children out of school, small business shut downs, border closures and most significantly, vaccinating 7 billion people (everyone on the planet).

Non Pharmaceutical Public Health Measures, World Health Organisation, 2019: page 3

Gates openly outlines a “new normal” for the world with quite specific conditions, even suggesting that mass gatherings may never be permitted again. Is this not strange coming from an unelected non-official with serious conflicts of interest? His narrative is strong and convincing, for example this collection of comments but also relates to far-reaching influence across the world of journalism and news.

August 2020 Columbia Journalism Review article: Journalism’s Gates keepers

Existing and cheap therapeutics have been deliberately obstructed whilst new therapeutics linked to Gates’ financial concerns with big pharmaceutical companies are promoted. Some clinicians have been articulate in their criticism of the obstacles placed on use of repurposed existing treatments which cost pennies and have been shown to be effective, in favour of pushing new and expensive drugs. For example Pulmonologist Dr Pierre Kory gave an impassioned plea to a US Congress hearing in December 2020. He discusses evidence for effectiveness of Ivermectin in prevention and treatment of Covid-19. He also states that his clinical research team have been censored from using the word “Ivermectin” on their Facebook page.

The whole situation makes very little sense in terms of established public health evidence, practice and ethics. This has pitted public health experts against each other with a very obvious demarcation between those convinced by the need for Gates-style “new normal” and those who feel incredibly gaslit by so many strange and disconcerting events occurring under the guise of “public health”. The power Gates has across the world means he has been able to easily convince most of the world of multiple layers of untruths, largely via incitement of widespread and disproportionate fear. This alone goes against all public health principles. Infectious disease control experience is a very specific area of public health which even many with public health backgrounds don’t have. It has been corrupted on a grand scale.

In this article at Fierce Pharma the mutli-billion dollar Covid-19 vaccine rollout is outlined with clearly stated doubt that the vaccines will offer durable immunity, setting the stage for everyone needing ongoing boosters.

Whale Wisdom is a hedge fund tracking website. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation investment portfolio shows that 58% of their shares are invested in CureVac, a company dedicated to research into messenger RNA (mRNA) technology; and almost 20% invested in BioNTech who have partnered with Pfizer to create an mRNA vaccine. These happen to be associated with the “new normal” of everyone needing to show proof that they’ve been vaccinated appropriately (and probably repeatedly), before even basic freedoms can be re-established. In the UK vaccine passports for permission to sports and cultural events are already being implemented.

Complicated Conspiracies

It’s hard to fathom how and why so much established public health became obsolete in a single year.

It turns out that some of the world’s best investigators belong to the scientific community. Competent researchers have transferable skills. The brains behind this summary of why an information technology billionaire governs the global pandemic response and the implications of this for us all, is a scientific visualisation artist, meaning he designs visualisations of such things as viruses and bacteria.

The terror of the past year has done a lot of damage. But it has activated and acquainted the world’s most astute minds and humane souls. They are currently being aggressively censored by platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google. But ultimately they stand on the right side of history.

Scott Atlas speaks for 15 minutes to Larry O’Connor here, on the destructions of fear driven lockdown policies.

Twitter Censors Famed Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff.