Communist Style Immunisation

Michael Senger, the lawyer and researcher who has investigated the origins of lockdown and the philosophy of “Fangkong” discussed his findings in this interview with Dr Robert Spalding, a retired US Airforce Brigadier-General. Introducing how he became active in the anti-lockdown community and how that led to his lockdown research, Senger states, “I saw that the mainstream media were not covering this. And that to me was very eerie…. Buying into these lockdowns without any real debate. It infuriated me that our leaders had literally just condemned people to essentially starve, just destroyed everyone’s livelihoods. For the first time in history. This has never happened before. And there was no debate about this…“.

Tonight he shared this on Twitter:

By this time last year, nearly every country but China was in lockdown. Millions were unemployed, facts were censored, the poor were starving, and most people were brainwashed to want even more. There was only 1 person capable of this level of evil.

And he’d left a calling card.

Speaking of lockdowns as anything but “what has to happen” has led to all manner of responses, none of them pleasant and mostly involving the need for me to shut my bad/conspiratorial mouth. Totalitarianism establishes with ease when people are told to feel afraid. Fear messages have been strong and constant for over a year now. This is an exceptionally effective measure for establishing consensus thought and removing our right to consider and discuss evidence and opinions. As Senger states, “dictatorships are excellent at using groupthink against people, at using groupthink to control… that’s how all dictatorships work. All dictatorships work through groupthink. All dictators are, in some ways, psychological masterminds at weaponising groupthink to their own advantage“.

At such an incredibly bizarre time, people like Senger and Spalding, and collaborations such as PANDA, Rational Ground, Collateral Global, Great Barrington Declaration, Planet Lockdown, UK’s HARTGroup and Time For Recovery, America’s Frontline Doctors, Global Frontline Nurses, the English and/or translated versions of testimonials to the international Corona Auschuss, Australia’s Covid Medical Network, New Zealand’s Covid Plan B, Canada’s Concerned Ontario Doctors, and others I can’t immediately think of, are working to keep the travesty at bay.

Some days it feels like David fighting Goliath. Other days you remember that David won.

Those Who Know Tyranny Don’t Support It

Those who have experienced tyranny seem to share an awareness that those of us living protected, somewhat ignorant lives, remain oblivious to. Tyranny is establishing with a combination of passive acceptance courtesy of our oblivion and active support courtesy of the fear we are told daily to maintain. Warning bells are ringing. We ignore them at our peril. Our children’s futures deserve us to be better than this.

Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav’s testimony to the Corona Ausschuss in March was a powerful plea to humanity which I shared previously but here it is again. George Grosman is a Czech-Jewish musician currently living in the USA. He wrote the below short piece describing his perspective of the transformation our world is currently experiencing in the name of “Covid Safety”. He explained to me that eighteen months ago he would have referred to himself as “Czech”, but that with events of today he feels compelled to remind people of “the Jewish part”.

Pol Pot cleared the city of Phnom Penh in a couple of days under the guise of keeping his citizens “safe”. They marched obediently into an inferno of terror. Hitler established ghettos, concentration camps and human ovens under the guise of “public health” and “safety”. History is awash with other examples and those ringing the alarm bells have been dismissed as conspiracist in every example.

Mandatory experimental vaccinations are rolling out globally. Saudi Arabia have now mandated vaccines for all employees to attend the workplace. Their Covid death rate sits at 0.4 per million, and only ever reached a maximum of 1.4 per million. This assumes a zero false positivity rate. The same mandations are being rolled out in lock step regardless of whether Covid has posed a problem or not, as though centrally coordinated across the globe.

The phrase “Covid Safety” forms a knot in the pit of my stomach with good reason.

From George Grosman, May 2021:

In 1968, as we crossed the border from Czechoslovakia to Austria on a beautiful, sunny September day, my father told me: “My son, unlike me, you will live your life in a world of freedom. You’ll travel where you like, say and publish what you like and associate with whom you like.

For the next 50-odd years his prophecy was fulfilled. I have travelled freely and lived in six countries, acquiring the citizenship of a couple, learning new languages, touring as a musician and publishing short stories in Canada, the UK, Iceland, Switzerland and elsewhere.

All of that came to an end 14 months ago. From my vantage point as a 68 year old semi-retired musician, the limitations put on my life now closely resemble the limitation put on my parents during Communism, limitations my father and mother did all they could to save me from.

My travel is severely limited. Certain countries are out of bounds completely, certain others make travel too onerous to make it feasible. I still write what I want but see many friends being censored by entities more powerful even than the communist government used to be.

Medical coercion is now disguised as philanthropy. Children are being injected with novel drugs to protect them against a virus that poses no danger to them. Newborns are snatched from mothers’ arms. Masked throngs surround me. I am being blamed for the ill-health of others.

Snitching is encouraged. And the lords and masters, the “public health” mobs keep yelling it’s for our own good, while 95 year old Holocaust survivors cannot attend a Holocaust memorial because they don’t have the ‘green passport’. The world is upside down friends.

We’d better turn it around before we find ourselves re-living mock trials and re-education camps. To close, I’d like to recommend you watch two movies: “The Lives of Others” (German) and “In the Shadow” / “Ve stinu” (Czech, 2012). TRUTH WINS! TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL.

Correcting Covid Claims

Much of the mainstream Covid-19 narrative is based on claims which are untrue, or which misrepresent the truth in some way. For example the below six claims and their corrections. The information provided below is supported in the scientific literature but for some reason it is ignored or denied in favour of feeding global levels of ongoing fear.

This fear justifies many unnecessary interventions, costing millions of lives and livelihoods, and usurping resources.

We Need To Care

Biomedical fascism is now globally widespread with justification being that there is a frightening virus amongst us, and more biological threats in our near future, which we must be protected against. Only governments have the capability to protect us and it can only be done by making us more vulnerable in every other way. Social restrictions, movement restrictions, police and military involvement, technological surveillance, economic destruction, constant reminders via signage, mask wearing and media reports of death and suffering have been implemented globally under the false pretence that these things represent public health. At no time in almost twenty years working in disease surveillance and outbreak control, did I learn about or practice any of these things as public health or epidemic response.

Today public health training apparently includes lectures delivered by Bill Gates, a software developer and corporate investor with no formal qualifications whatsoever. When you listen to him speak on Covid, the only solutions to outbreaks involve pharmaceuticals (tests, new and expensive medications, novel and experimental vaccines), technology (online learning, online work-from-home) and severe restrictions of society (technological surveillance, vaccine passports). Much of what he says in the many interviews he gives to media as some sort of public health expert deceptively contradicts basic public health principles, using public health terminology in distorted contexts which promote the use of his “innovative tools”. Yet astoundingly, every recommendation he makes seems to be followed, regardless of whether evidence supports it or not.

It’s a very big coincidence that all outbreak solutions now involve these tools which involve Mr Gates “saving” us and also happen to benefit him financially. He also happens to fund multiple public institutions, from World Health Organisation to academic journals, institutional research projects, academic tenures and mainstream media outlets. Noone ever corrects him, so the victor rewrites public health as everyone pretends evidence supports his falsifications of lockdown policies and the structural frameworks reinforcing them. He essentially now owns public health and this is apparently of no concern to most of us.

Like Covid, Swine Flu was falsely presented using fear based tactics in 2009 as far more dangerous than it actually was. Dr Wodarg and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Health Committee managed to put an end to this action by threatening a public disclosure of the undue influence of the Pharmaceutical industry over World Health Organisation. This defence was successful in 2009, but in 2020 forces behind the fraud were better prepared, integrated and organised. Nevertheless, pressure is building as more people realise something is amiss and resistance involving collaboration between some very clever scientific, medical and legal minds grows.

The International Legal Offensive of the Stiftung Corona Ausschuss led by Dr Reiner Fuellmich met in two separate sessions last week and can be viewed at the below two links. The very first testimonial, by Italian Lawyer, Dr Renate Holzeisen, is only twenty minutes long but an incredibly powerful description of actions now being implemented in the name of our new global “public health” paradigm. Other testimonies from equally credible witnesses across multiple nations are just as impressive.

These so-called public health measures are being implemented globally by a tiny but powerful structure who were never elected and whose only influence is due to wealth and altruistic reputation.

None of us are excluded. We need to care.