Examining Fear

Professor of Clinical Pscyhology at Gent University in Belgium, Mattias Desmet, gave this testimonal to the Corona Ausschuss with Dr Reiner Fuellmich recently. A fascinating insight into the psychology behind the formation of a mass psychological phenomenon.

It is not a secret, and has likely always been known to those with propensity to carry out injustices throughout history.

Showing that the narrative is wrong by pointing out evidence, inconsistency of claims being made, harms caused etc, makes no difference once fear has been established. As someone who isn’t afraid of Covid-19, but is very afraid of the socio-political changes evolving globally and the extraordinary harms they are leading us towards, in the name of this one virus, I can see I am equally vulnerable to this psychological phenomenon.

It has been a genius piece of work by those who led us here. Professor Desmet explains this so well.

Another feature of totalitarian states is that people become radically intolerant of dissonant voices … If someone claims that the official story is wrong, this person threatens to wake the people up, and they will get angry as they are confronted with their initial anxiety and initial discontent. And so they direct all their aggression at these dissonant voices.

At the same time they are radically tolerant of their leaders, who can cheat and lie and manipulate, and do anything they want. They will always be forgiven by the crowd, because the crowd seems to think that they do it for their own safety

I don’t know the origins. Sometimes it is arrived at spontaneously. Sometimes it is provoked artificially. Some of my colleagues do appear to be intentionally involved in provoking fear and anxiety

Being funded by someone diminishes your capacity to think independently. At this moment, science is really in a crisis, and one of the reasons is that science is almost all funded by people it should not be funded by“.

This helps to explain why so many leading public health experts have become enemies of the global state over the past year; why only those with enough courage to stand their ground and face severe consequences, have been willing to continue to speak out. And why, alongside the influential role of media in provocation and obfuscation, no amount of solid evidence and explanations have been able to alter public perception.

I Do Not Consent

Dr Robert Malone, who in the 1980s developed the mRNA technology now used in the Covid-19 experimental vaccines, spoke for ten minutes at “Pandemic War Room“. He is cautiously coming to the conclusion that the much-warned-about Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), one of the “conspiracies” of many informed scientists, is establishing itself. As a result of rolling out mass “vaccination” of populations during a pandemic.

This guy is a Vaccinologist. His knowledge compares to that of the thousands of other medical scientists who have spoken out on this with enormous courage at great personal cost, and been continually attacked and censored.

Why are the world’s most infectious-disease-literate turning into “anti-vaxxers”? At the same time as news headlines make such announcements as this. Such a strange state of affairs.

So-called humanitarian organisations in poor countries are now mandating vaccination of all staff. So-called “fully vaccinated” staff are also mandated regular Covid tests, masking and double masking, various social distancing rules and multiple other interventions. Local staff with no employment opportunity have zero choice but to comply. The threat of jail time or crushing fines to those who dare to ask questions or decline has turned otherwise rational human beings into vehement lockdown supporters even when lockdown causes extreme suffering and death to their own families.

People without relevant training, or who can profit from bad public health policy, largely determine medical decisions in these countries. Those with medical training who understand the complexities and problems are compelled to silently follow. The Covid industry provides employment prospects which are otherwise disappearing, as are all other diseases apparently. Police now have powers to close any business and only those willing or able to pay what is essentially protection money can now remain open in locked down areas where most activity consequently remains closed. Hunger, the main driver of common diseases in poor countries, is rife. Reports out of Vietnam are that the military are going door to door, forcibly vaccinating everyone, with approval from WHO. Hardly surprising when you look at the background of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. It all stems from an unwavering belief that first world nations are doing the right thing and expatriates from first world nations, and the overseas-educated locals employed by in-country agencies such as WHO and CDC, know what they are doing. Why else would they be so privileged, if not for their superior knowledge and skill? Expatriates and well-off locals, boosted by their status, buy into this false narrative.

Everyday life is also becoming impossible in places like Italy and France, who at least still have the right to protest. Ben Swann discusses the “new normal” rolling out in Europe at this interview from Spain, where he is having 72 hourly testing in order to stay without a vaccine pass.

Western Australia experienced this in July 2019. Noone had to lockdown or present at testing stations or have vaccination mandates linked to their freedoms.
New Zealand experienced an uptick of excess deaths in 2018-2019 which very likely had some association with Influenza Like Illness. They didn’t lockdown, mask up, incessantly test for a single virus, or any other unusual measures.
Focus on a single year is never informed epidemiology because health and disease occur in patterns across time.
Neurobiologist turns “anti-vax”. Why?
Everything about public health has turned into the opposite of public health.

Instead of being afraid “because there’s a virus”, I am personally very afraid of the political scene rolling out globally under the virus guise. Humans evolved alongside of viruses and a significant part of our genetic code is viral in origin. Viruses can cause harm but they mostly do not. Every single one of us is exposed to thousands of viruses on a daily basis without knowing it. Any harm they cause almost always correlates to immune system vulnerability. Social distancing and lockdown interventions increase this vulnerability by reducing exposures which we need for good health. Testing of the healthy is a useless and wasteful intervention except in very specific circumstances. There is now a multi billion dollar industry built around testing the healthy for one single virus.

Thousands of people employed in public health units across the globe include monitoring of influenza like illness (ILI) activities, a significant part of “disease surveillance” activities, in their daily work. ILI counts into the many millions every year and has always been associated with deaths. It has never before required incessant “testing” and most people never get tested even when ill, as it serves little purpose. Suddenly healthy people are being encouraged or mandated to have SARS-CoV-2 tests in order to justify removing their freedoms and rights to earn a living.

Based on a new test looking for the genetic code of one single ILI, which apparently entered the human virome recently, but which shares our virome with other bugs not being tested for, we have been told to live in fear of each other.

I do not consent.

Doctors For Covid Ethics

In terms of the media, none of this would have been possible without the press and the media. The press and the media are doing the gaslighting on a mass scale. Journalists, editors, TV pundits. They’ve become glorified sales reps for the pharmaceutical industry. That’s effectively the role they are playing, and this is a problem that started decades ago. If you read John Abramson’s great book “The Overdosing of America”, you see how drug companies have gradually captured the general practitioners and medical practices over the years. To the point where it’s becoming very difficult, especially in a country like the USA, to give care if you’re a doctor, because your patients demand drugs that they’ve seen advertised on TV. And what we’ve seen in the last year or so with the vaccines, and these pharmaceutical companies that have billions of dollars of judgements against them in terms of damages, all of a sudden are bestowed saint-like status by government officials. Like these are somehow omnipotent organisations that could do no harm. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. So we are in a very perilous situation with regards to regulatory capture and media capture. This is a really difficult impasse that we find ourselves in, when you have media, government and the pharmaceutical industry locked in so tight. So we really rely on the public’s level of education as a high priority“. ~ Geopolitical Analyst and independent Journalist, Patrick Henningsen, speaking at the Doctors For Covid Ethics Symposium this weekend.

The Corona Ausschuss continue to investigate the corruption behind this global crisis. Most recently testimony from Dr Bryan Ardis, on the push for Remdesivir to treat Covid-19. Remdesivir is a new and expensive drug, with documented safety issues and not FDA-approved, which Anthony Fauci has financial ties to. Meanwhile prescriptions of pre-existing, cheap and safe drugs continue to be dismissed, obstructed and criminalised.

New Normal. So excited.

A Move to Mexico

The President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, speaking for 1.5 minutes alongside his Health Secretary, Hugo Lopez-Gatell Ramirez.

We need to be careful because, as it’s obvious, pharmaceutical companies wish to make a profit. And would like to keep always selling vaccines for everyone. But we need to prioritise; we need to know if they’re needed or not. We need to not be subordinated to Big Pharma dictating us: “we need a third dose”, “we need a fourth”; “we need to vaccinate children”.
There’s a powerful public opinion campaign induced by Big Pharma. If one explores the national and international press, and traces recommendations like these, one can perceive an important lack of scientific information to support these kind of recommendations. And by contrast there are statements by Big Pharma executives that already take it for granted.

It looks like Mexico hasn’t signed any binding agreements with the big players as most western governments appear to have done with taxpayer money. I was told just the other day that it’s not so difficult to move to Mexico. This might be a ticket to freedom?

This 25 minute discussion details the role of central banks in the Covid-19 crisis, by centralising the global monetary system, and solutions to put a stop to this before it is too late. Taylor Hudak with Catherine Austin-Fitts and Professor Richard Werner. Stop using your card, start paying by cash is one small step we can all take. Understanding the power grab is another small step.

The death toll of hunger is out-pacing Covid-19 fatalities. Why are the “humanitarian” agencies supporting lockdowns? These are not supported by public health evidence. Anywhere.

Dr Peter McCullough continues to speak out persistently on his concerns about the experimental vaccine rollout, which has done nothing to curtail hospitalisation and death rates; and his successes with implementing early treatment, which continues to be aggressively obstructed in many locations, and he identifies as the only way to reduce hospitalisations and death. Most recently this excellent interview with Jeremy Nell. “The vaccine has a dangerous mechanism of action … Based on totality of evidence, the vaccine is causing a record number of safety events“.

Public health and medical experts who are informed on this are fighting and there are signs that those in the right, having lost many battles, could yet win this war. Vaccine hesitancy is one of the strongest signs that people are becoming aware with 52% of Americans declining vaccination and reports of vaccine centres across the nation, empty. In NZ recently a vaccine drive invited 12,000 people and only 3,000 attended.

Vaccine safety event reports to the USA Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) are available at Open VAERS. The UK Yellow Card system reports are available at this UK Column link. Eudravigilance who collect information for Europe separate the four vaccinations being used there, under Covid-19 at this link. Australia’s safety reports are available at Therapeutic Goods Administration. New Zealand’s reports are available at Medsafe.

Previous vaccine rollouts ceased when safety events reached numbers such as 19 cases of bowel obstruction (Rotashield, 1999), 47 deaths (Pandemrix, 2009), 14 deaths (Dengvaxia, 2017). Today we are unrecognisably less averse to vaccine injury. Anyone daring to speak about vaccine safety in 2021 is swiftly accused of being “anti-vax”. I wonder how such a massive shift in public perception happened within the space of eighteen months?

Early treatment of people who are sick with Covid-19 reduces hospitalisation and death. Experimental vaccination of the global population (and pets and zoo animals), apparently not so much.

Ministry of Truth

Jacinda Ardern’s Ministry of Truth is a 12 minute video by Kate Wand, based on an essay by Adam Creighton. Featuring Jacinda Ardern, Joe Biden, scenes of pandemic protest in Australia, evidence from researcher Michael P. Senger, historic footage of the Chinese Communist Party, scenes from Nazi Germany and the Spanish Influenza pandemic, and interviews with Susan Michie from the UK’s Scientific Advisory Group of Experts and Professor Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford University.

… we’ve applied this idea that there has to be unanimity of messaging in public health, or else you’re creating public danger. Ironically I think this has created danger because we’ve suppressed the ability of people to debate one another about these things that affect each and every person. Health. Privacy. Children. The most important things to us, and we can’t speak about it … Silencing voices is utterly immoral in the midst of a pandemic“. ~ Professor Jay Bhattacharya