The Time To Stand Is Now

Probably the most informative documentary available to describe exactly what is happening to our world today is The Corbett Report: Bill Gates Full Documentary.

Whilst qualified experts with specialised knowledge on issues from clinical medicine to epidemiology continue to be censored aggressively, Gates holds forte with mainstream media including news channels, comedian shows and printed media. His pseudoscientific ideas about public health are pushed onto society, painted as being supported by evidence when they simply are not.

Does that not seem odd?

The HighWire with Del Bigtree offers intelligent analysis of science and politics. This week he covered a number of topics, and in particular the global rollout of “Common Pass”, a digital infrastructure that will allow those in power to enforce mass compliance to their various requirements. Where it comes from, what it’s connected to and how they plan for it to work are discussed by a co-founder of Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids (PERK), Amy Bohn. If we don’t take notice of this and start opposing the stages already in place, it will be enforced before we even realise it’s happening. The interview begins around 1h11m into Episode 238.

Investigative journalist Whitney Webb also discussed the evidence she has uncovered relating to the same issues of population control, at The Last American Vagabond. Cyber crime as the World Economic Forum’s next global catastrophe, leading to the requirement of passports to regulate access to the internet including banking rights. Using cash can help us oppose these plans by limiting the success of the digital currency takeover.

The Commons Project began in 2019 as a World Economic Forum and Rockefeller Foundation initiative bringing us the Common Pass. It’s hard to imagine that anyone is going to want these severe restrictions to life, economic activity and human rights. The more of us who understand the plans in place, the less likely they can succeed.

Our Constitution and freedom is really the thorn in the side of these globalists, the World Economic Forum, the Great Reset. We’re getting in the way of this plan which was supposed to roll out a whole hell of a lot smoother, I imagine? ~ Del Bigtree

No Profit In This

Ivermectin is safe and effective. It is also cheap.

Employers in Western Australia are now being told they will face fines of up to $100,000 for employing anyone who has not taken the Covid vaccine. The Northern Territory Chief Minister has announced that anyone who has not taken the Covid vaccine will face fines of $5,000.

New World Order is tyrannical lunacy. Why is this happening?

Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen seems to have an idea why.

Jessica Corbett’s article in The Defender dated 20 October 2021 also seems to offer explanations : Secret Vaccine Contracts Reveal How Pfizer Strong-Armed Governments to Maximise Profits.

None of these Build Back Better / Great Reset / New World Order attempts at global Marxism appear sustainable to me. Meanwhile the harm being done, especially to the impoverished world who were already hanging on by a string, is beyond comprehension.

The Truth About Tyranny

The very next day, Johnson’s parliament extended the Coronavirus Act by simply declining to vote amidst laughter and jolly-hos. This gives Johnson power to continue lockdowns through to at least March 2022. Angry crowds have gathered outside the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation London headquarters. Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, almost simultaneously announced plans to establish a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Covid lockdowns, Climate lockdowns, digital currency allowing centralised control of all finances including private bank accounts. All of these ideas feature in the World Economic Forum’s website for any of us to view. It may be a conspiracy but it’s no “conspiracy theory”. “You will own nothing and you will be happy“.

Who Is Bill Gates? – The Corbett Report. This is a documentary worth seeing.

The Truth About Tyranny, a short but excellent article by Jeffrey Tucker, describes what is happening to the world as these powerful players attempt aggressively to overthrow democracy and liberty. Remaining unified when division drives their agenda, and refusing to comply with things that make no sense: this is surely how we stop this horror in its tracks?

Does mainstream media ever portray the demonstrations happening across the globe? We appear to only be told that we must remain fearful of the worst virus ever seen by mankind. Italians have been marching in protest against new fascist rules for weeks and most recently police unleashed water cannons on them, causing severe injury to some.

Trieste, Italy, 16 October 2021

Meanwhile, elsewhere life has reverted to normal.

Getting on with life: lockdown has ended and crowds have returned to the sports stadiums of Texas after Governor Abbott joined the growing number of American leaders turning to established public health protocols over tyrant-inspired ideas.

Oneday They Will Ask

Lawyer Clare Wills spoke about the levels of corruption occurring in UK Nursing Homes last year. GPs stayed at home and spoke to unqualified care staff by telephone to determine, without investigation, the causes of death of many residents. People were justifiably afraid. Covid attributed deaths were connected to extra payments to struggling homes. Families aware of their relatives’ actual diagnoses spoke out to no avail. You can hear Wills’ description of events in this podcast with Alexander McCarron.

Funeral Director John O’Looney spoke to Reiner Fuellmich and his investigative team in early October about his experiences in the UK through the pandemic. Including his compliance, in early days, with government-requested hysteria, and how he began to question events.

Government employees are standing up against government mandated experimental vaccines, across nations. Riccardo Bosi spoke to two policemen speaking out in Australia at this roundtable discussion. Los Angeles Police Department sergeants Veronica Saucedo and Michael McMahon spoke to Dr Fuellmich and his team last week about their own mandate fight.

Why do governments and mainstream media across the globe want to keep populations convinced that a virus with an infection fatality rate approximate to that of influenza (which has simultaneously disappeared), is far deadlier than it really is? That there are no early treatments? That “vaccinating” the entire global population is the only pandemic solution? That “contact tracing” for a viral respiratory disease is a public health intervention? That mass testing, from the healthy to those obviously sick with, or dying from, unrelated conditions, is a public health intervention? That staying home en masse and enforced closures of small businesses en masse, is a public health intervention? That those questioning authority are “dangerous”, and deserve to lose their livelihoods? How is all of this now considered “normal” in once-free and democratic societies?

Global digital surveillance via QR codes appears to be the intent. Xi Jinping has already implemented the system in China, where social credit controls peoples’ movements and allowances. He is said to be keen for the rest of the world to follow, as per this article. World Economic Forum don’t hide their plans for the same thing. Digital surveillance and social credit connected to compliance with government edicts will ensure enforcement of mass population control and impoverishment.

Please say no.

New normal: fear and pseudoscience

Weeping With Vigano

Taken from Wikipedia: Carlo Maria ViganĂ²; (born 16 January 1941) is an archbishop of the Catholic Church who … is best known for having exposed two major Vatican scandals. These were the Vatican leaks scandal of 2012, in which he revealed financial corruption in the Vatican, and a 2018 letter in which he accused Pope Francis and other church leaders of covering up sexual abuse allegations against former cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

In this interview (1.5 hours) with Vigano, Robert Moynihan states “I’m an American journalist. I’ve been covering the Vatican for 30 years … I have many different contacts and friends in the church and among them was Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. I came to know him many years ago, but in the past three years, this Archbishop, an Italian Archbishop who is now eighty years old, has become perhaps the single most controversial figure in the Roman Catholic church. For that reason I find it imperative to understand how this high ranking church official could become such a profound critic, not only of corruption in the church, but also of doctrinal confusion, the entire pontificate of Pope Francis, and finally in recent months, a criticism also of the secular developments, the virus, the vaccines, the global plan for a single global community…“.

Archbishop Vigano describes events advancing us towards globalised bio-fascism, linking them with both structural and philosophical changes occurring within the Catholic church, as well as with the looming switch to a climate “emergency” to justify ongoing restrictions of human movement and liberty. He denounces this globalist conspiracy variously as “a bankrupt ideology … a very great sin against God … a great crime against humanity … scandalous … evil … a source of great sorrow”.

Centralised propaganda posing as “news”